About Me

I’m a writer, a published author with books out in stores nationwide, I speak to companies and business groups and I consult with many.


On any given day, you might find me writing for myself or others, speaking to professionals about how those with differences bring value to the business world and at times you might find me in front of or behind a video camera.DAG NECN still


I have been actively involved in the disability community for two decades. I had the honor of gaining a vast amount of communications experience from serving as director of communications for Special Olympics Massachusetts and worked on projects both nationally and on the international stage. In my first year, I helped the organization gain more television news spots and positive press coverage then they had seen in years. I ultimately grew into the role of vice president of development and worked on projects around the country and around the globe.


In that time and beyond, I have had the honor of speaking to many groups and companies about the gifts of those with various disabilities; dispelling myths and educating many of the value that everyone brings to society and business.

I have helped many understand and do the right thing.


PS: Don’t forget to take a look at my new book, Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with Adult ADHD, something I know a great deal about. You can buy it on Amazon and in stores at Barnes & Noble.The successful adults I profile in the book have created successful businesses and I wanted to tell their stories. How did they become successful and how did they do it with their ADHD brain?


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