About David

I’m a writer, a published author with books out in stores nationwide, I speak to companies and business groups and I consult with many.

I help companies and organizations create a better understanding about people with disabilities. I do this by getting the team more comfortable in various situation and by helping them gain a better understanding of the wants and needs of those with various disabilities.

I do not lecture and I do not preach-I help…

I had the honor of gaining a vast amount of communications experience from serving as director of communications for Special Olympics Massachusetts. In my first year, I helped the organization gain more television news spots and positive press coverage then they had seen in years. I ultimately grew into the role of vice president of development and worked on projects around the country and around the globe.

My job was to speak with the media, the public as well as many companies about individuals with disabilities-How to offer each one respect and dignity and how to look for the gifts in everyone. I also helped the people in business with the tools they need to welcome all that come to a business, both staff and customers.

In my time and beyond, I have had the honor of speaking to many groups and companies about the gifts of those with various disabilities; dispelling myths and educating many of the value that everyone brings to society and business.

I’m also the parent of a special needs son. I decided to launch my disability awareness trainings after numerous experiences in many types of business settings that could have gone better.

My trainings are based on my decade-plus time at Special Olympics, my experience as a special needs parent and generally accepted principles within the disability community.