Common myths about people with disabilities

There are many myths about individuals with various disabilities and that’s why conducting disability awareness training at your business is so important. How you and your staff handle various situations when it comes to people with disabilities can go a long way in creating a welcoming place for anyone that comes to your business.

In many cases, it comes down to what you do, and what you don’t do. When you help and when you don’t help. And how you handle various situations can also dictate a positive outcome or a challenging issue for your business. Connecting on a personal level with all your customers and clients is important.

When it comes to the topic of disabilities, there are many myths out there that still to this day, need to be clarified.

Here are a number of myths regarding people with disabilities.

Everyone wants or needs help.

The fact is not everyone with a disability needs assistance. Do they require understanding? Yes, but just like anyone else, help is not always what is needed in various situations. In many cases, a person with a disability does not even want help. If a person has a physical disability, they want to live their life and get around as “normal” as possible. Constantly asking if they need help could be another reminder of their disability. But keep in mind, everyone is different.

Disabilities are always visible.

Many disabilities are hidden disabilities and are not immediately apparent to others. Everything from autism, ADHD, some intellectual disabilities as well as some physical disparities. Because many disparities are hidden as well as misunderstood, having a company take part in some kind of disability awareness training is very important.

Bad parenting causes ADHD and Autism.

ADHD and autism spectrum disorder are both neuro development conditions. In short, people with ADHD or autism are born with different wiring. It is not known what causes either but what is known is that it is not because of bad parenting. When a child appears to be upset in certain public settings, it is also not because of poor parenting skills. Often times it is because of sensory overload.

People with disabilities live totally different lives than others.

People with disabilities in fact live very similar lives to most people. It does not matter if someone has a physical or intellectual disability or are neuro diverse such as ADHD or autism. All have the same wants and needs. They have jobs and careers, families and homes. It’s not wise to group all people with disabilities in the same manner.

People with disabilities are not intelligent.

Some of the most brilliant minds are considered to have some type of disability. Many people with ADHD have gone on to be incredibly successful in business and have founded major companies. The same can be said for those on the autism spectrum. Different wiring doesn’t mean people are not smart. Remember, left brain and right brain. We all have our strengths.


There are many more myths and misconceptions when it comes to the disability community. If you are looking to get your organization comfortable with individuals with disabilities, contact us today and schedule a call to learn more about disability awareness training for companies.


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