Disability Awareness Training

Here’s a fact. Individuals with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities patronize businesses that treat them with respect. Not only that, but they will go where employees of a business have an understanding of their challenges as well as how to assist them.

Here’s another fact. Many people do not know how to interact properly and respectfully when working with individuals with disabilities. Many raise their voice when speaking with someone who is hearing impaired. Or they speak to an adult with autism like they are a baby. Those are just two of many ways interactions go wrong.

The answer for your company is a disability awareness training workshop. No matter what your industry is, or your goals with disability awareness training, it’s not only a smart business decision, but it’s the right thing to do for your customers and your workforce.

As a special needs parent and someone who worked at Special Olympics for over a decade, David Greenwood knows how to help a business become fully aware when it comes to working with individuals with disabilities.

Whether it is customer-facing or your own workforce, David will train the people in your company on how to work with and treat those with various disabilities and make them welcome at every stage.

After numerous bad experiences trying to get his son’s hair cut over the years among many other negative interactions with other businesses, David decided to develop his disability awareness training program to help bring understanding to companies and ultimately assist them in saving customers that might walk out after a misunderstanding or poor treatment. Or worse, complaining about that business on social media, creating an unfavorable and sometimes unwinnable issue.

Based on his own experience and his years at Special Olympics, educating the media, the public and countless businesses, David brings this vital knowledge to your company.

Here is what you and your staff will come away with after David’s workshop on disability awareness:

  • First-person language-How to address individuals with disabilities
  • What do those with disabilities really want from a business?
  • How and when to accommodate those with disabilities
  • Mitigate embarrassing situations
  • Help you interact on a more personal level
  • How to handle various challenging situations
  • How to make your business disability friendly
  • An understanding of autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and others such as ADHD, visual impairments, mental illness
  • What NOT to do when interacting with individuals with various disabilities
  • Sensory issues you might not be aware of
  • Dispel the many myths about individuals with disabilities
  • How to do the right thing and feel good about it

A few things you should know

The average disability training workshop conducted by David is a three hours. If time is tight in your type of business such as a restaurant, retail store, hair salon or others that are open long hours, adjustments can be made in how the workshop is structured. David can even break up disability training to ensure all staff can be involved at different times and dates. It’s understood that some types of business cannot just shut down.

While David conducts much of his disability training workshops in Boston and around New England, he will travel based on your needs.

David can tailor your disability awareness training based on your needs, industry and your goals. Types of training can focus on general understanding of disabilities, how to work with and accommodate customers and the public and how to make your workforce more accepting and comfortable.

David’s workshops are conducted in a professional manner based on his experiences, generally accepted principles, the input from the disability community and common sense.

Contact David today to discuss an upcoming disability training workshop at your company.