How I Help

Content DevelopmentDavid A Greenwood

I have been involved in hundreds of writing projects. From ghostwriting blogs, articles and website content all the way up to being a published author. With over 20 years of writing experience, I can help your organization of any size improve your brand awareness by being your voice behind the keyboard. If you have a company blog that is sitting on your website doing nothing, contact me today. If you would like to explore the world of being a contributing writer to business journals and other publications, let’s talk. And if you want something more such as writing an EBook or full length book, I have you covered.


I can also help create a living breathing content calendar for your organization. We can research topics and come up with an annual document to help guide you all year long as you help create awareness for your company.

Help Writing Your Book

In 2016, I published my first book, Overcoming Distractions. The book profiled many entrepreneurs around the county who just happen to have ADHD. I’m currently in the process of publishing two more business books.


Many people have asked me to help them get their book done and published and I can help you through the process. Whether it’s ghostwriting your entire book, co-authoring, or coaching you through the process of getting your book done, I have a process in place that can help you get your book done and out to the public.


It seems like everyone has a book in them so let’s talk and get you started! I can help you in many ways.


Contact me today if you are looking for a


-Book writing coach

-Ghostwriter for your book

-Other help in getting your book done