Overcoming Distractions

Looking for books on adult ADHD? Overcoming Distractions profiles many successful adults who just happen to have ADHD. From bookkeepers, writers, public figures and nationally-known comedians and entrepreneurs, the book digs into their lives living and thriving with ADHD. These successful people are not only managing their ADHD, they are thriving with it; making it work in their favor. They are using their unique abilities to create, innovate and build successful companies and careers.


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Overcoming Distractions is out nationwide now!

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Overcoming Distractions also has street smart advice on how to manage adult ADHD. In the book you will find advice and guidance from many ADHD experts, from coaches, well-known ADHD doctors and of course the advice straight from the successful entrepreneurs themselves.


Books on Adult ADHD

You’ll be inspired by their success and you’ll have an action plan to get your life back on track and use your Adult ADHD in your favor.


Properly harnessed, ADHD is a gift. Let it get the best of you and your life can be a disaster.


Overcoming Distractions is out nationwide Now!