ADHD Career Book

Be a Part of My New Book on ADHD and Careers

Do you have Adult ADHD? And have you found a career or business that you love? Have you had more than one career and have found a way to use your passion to develop a new career or business?

I want to hear from you for my next book.

I am writing a book on how adults with ADHD have found a career that they love. And more importantly, I want your advice to help others with Adult ADHD in their career journey. How did you find your career, how did you make a career change and what advice would you give others with Adult ADHD?

Did you have challenges during the interview process when applying for a job and how did you overcome any obstacles in your way to find a career that you love?

Do you have advice for becoming self-employed? I want to hear from entrepreneurs as well.

Contact me today, tell me about yourself and how you can help the readers of this book!