What is disability awareness training?

For many, knowing just what to do or say when interacting with a person with a disability is not something that comes naturally. Whether it is an intellectual disability or a physical disability, for some, it can put them in an uncomfortable situation.

Learning how to make a connection with all your customers and clients is critical for your organization.

When it comes to a business setting, how you and your team interact with individuals with disabilities can show the world just how willing you are to create a welcoming environment for anyone that comes to your business.

Because we don’t always know what to say or do, disability awareness training is a valuable tool in getting a business and its people comfortable working with people with various disabilities.

What is disability awareness training?

Some may call it disability sensitivity training but whatever it is called, it is a process that gets a business and its staff comfortable when interacting with anyone with a disability, intellectual or physical. When done correctly, it is not a lecture on how to treat people with disabilities. It is a process of education that helps a business and employees.

How does disability training help a business?

Training employees to understand disabilities goes a very long way in helping your business become disability-friendly. Our role is not to come in and lecture your people about the many ways that those with disabilities could be treated better. Our approach is to educate and show that by understanding the needs of people with disabilities, business that could have been lost due to a bad experience, can be saved.

What is covered in disability awareness training?

There are many topics covered in a disability awareness workshop. Those topics include language and the importance of proper language around people with disabilities. Proper up to date language shows respect for those with disabilities and demonstrates that you understand their needs as an individual.

Also covered is the topic of when and how to assist a person with a disability in your place of business. Not everyone wants or needs help and it is important to understand this to be a disability-friendly organization.

Myths about people with disabilities is covered. For example, most individuals with disabilities are not “disabled” meaning, they may have a disability or challenge that limits certain things in their life, but they are not completely inactive. Another myth is that ADHD and autism are a result of bad parenting. That would be incorrect. Everyone with mental illness is violent. Also, not true.

Also discussed at length are the sensory issues that many with autism face daily such as lights, loud noises, overstimulation and many other sensory challenges.

How to assist those that may have hearing or visual impairments is also discussed in these workshops.

Dispelling myths is an important part of understanding people with disabilities.

What should you expect from a disability awareness training workshop?

Whenever you bring someone into your organization to conduct any type of training you want to understand some of the key takeaways as well as how this training will improve your company.

Here is what you can expect from a workshop on disability awareness:

Get more comfortable around people with disabilities

Mitigate potential uncomfortable situations

Become disability-friendly as an organization

Understand hidden disabilities such as autism

Gain the tools and knowledge to assist people with various disabilities

Have the tools to do the right thing

Give anyone that comes to your business the respect they deserve.


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